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University Store Inclusive Access

Course Content on your Digital Bookshelf

Important Inclusive Access Dates – Spring 2024
January 16, 2024 January 23, 2024
Inclusive Access Titles are Available on WyoCourses Last Day to Opt Out of Inclusive Access

Course Materials on Day One – Digital Content on Your Bookshelf

  • The University Store Inclusive Access program AUTOMATICALLY provides students with digital course materials and any necessary courseware on the first day of class.
  • Inclusive Access converts physical course materials into accessible, interactive, and adaptable digital content, while reducing costs to students.
  • No waiting for a paperback book. No special trips to the University Store to buy an access code.
  • Course materials are charged to your student account when you enroll. If you opt out before the official add/drop date, applicable account refunds will be applied.
  • Inclusive Access materials are provided using interactive software platforms developed to provide enhanced learning experiences beyond reading the text, incorporating content such as video, quizzes, study aids, and more.

Inclusive Access is Simple

  • Instructors decide to use Inclusive Access materials for their curriculum.
  • The University Store communicates with publishers to coordinate digital course materials setup and cost savings.
  • Faculty receive instructions to connect their materials to Inclusive Access.
  • Students receive notification via email with access information for their materials.
  • Students who want to participate in Inclusive Access do not need to do anything. They are automatically opted in.
  • The University Store charges materials to student accounts.
  • Students have access to content through WyoCourses, unless they opt out of the program.

Opting Out of Inclusive Access

  • Students have a choice and do not have to participate in the Inclusive Access program.
  • Students must opt out of Inclusive Access BEFORE the official University add/drop date to avoid charges.
  • Students who opt out of the Inclusive Access program are responsible for acquiring their own course materials.
  • Students cannot charge Inclusive Access to their student accounts through the publisher or other retailers.
  • Students who opt out may not receive the same price rates incorporated in the Inclusive Access program.
Students Who Opt In to Inclusive Access Students Who Opt Out of Inclusive Access
  • Students who opt in do not need to do anything.
  • The University Store will charge applicable materials to student accounts upon enrollment.
  • Students have uninterrupted access to materials.
  • Students who opt out before the deadline will be reimbursed for applicable charges.
  • Students are responsible for paying for necessary material access on their own.
  • Access to student materials will be turned off after the trial period.

How Do I Know if My Course is Using Inclusive Access?

Students will receive an email in their official University email account on the first day of classes stating they have courses that include Inclusive Access materials, along with instructions to access their content, or opt out of the program.

Benefits of the Inclusive Access Program
Reduced Overall Cost for Course Materials A Better Choice for Sustainability Access to Course Materials on Day One of Class Interactive Course Materials
The Inclusive Access Program coordinates with publishers for reduced rates compared to traditional printed materials.Due to lower production and logistics costs, digital course content is less expensive than their printed textbook counterparts. Inclusive Access titles are delivered electronically, reducing the amount of paper used to print books. Electronic delivery reduces emissions from freight deliveries Students have access to necessary course materials on the first day of class. Instructors can teach from the materials and assign homework right away because students have access to materials and courseware. Inclusive Access content may include video, audio, animations, adaptive quizzes, homework sets, instructor customization, peer-to-peer note sharing, flash cards, eBook searchability and other study aids.
Increased interaction with course content leads to greater success in the course.

Since the launch of UW’s Inclusive Access program, an average of over 94% of enrolled students have remained opted in each semester. By the end of Spring 2023, UW students participating in the program will have saved over $1 Million compared to traditional print list pricing.

The Inclusive Access program improves access and affordability to course materials. The program allows the University to reduce student course materials costs compared to traditional print text and ensures every student has easy access to content on the first day of class. Instructors do not have to wait for the class to acquire necessary materials because students have access to them right away. The University Store conveniently charges course materials costs to students’ University accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inclusive Access?

Inclusive Access is part of a national model in which publishers and higher education institutions provide course materials to students in a digital format. More than just an eBook, content may include video and audio presentations, animations, adaptive quizzes and homework sets. Courseware can also include various levels of instructor customization, peer-to-peer note sharing, flash cards, eBook searchability and other study aids. Inclusive Access materials are more affordable, accessible, interactive, and adaptable than traditional print, and are available to students on the first day of class.

How do I access my Inclusive Access Materials?

Students enrolled in courses using Inclusive Access materials will receive an email in their official University account on the first day of classes. Information will be provided to access materials, which will be available the first day of classes.

Why is my course using Inclusive Access instead of a physical book or Open Education Resources titles?

Academic freedom allows instructors to choose materials necessary to teach their courses. The University Store provides guidance, but ultimately it is up to the instructor to choose their class materials to best fit their instruction.

How much does Inclusive Access cost?

Estimated costs for Inclusive Access materials will be posted on the University Store textbook webpage and listed in your student account charges. You will receive an email with account login information when you are enrolled in a class using Inclusive Access materials.

How does Inclusive Access work with Textbook preordering and online ordering?

Inclusive Access materials are automatically available to enrolled students through a link sent to students’ University email accounts on the first day of classes. Preordering is not necessary, and materials will not be available to add to the online ordering cart.

I didn’t get an email about my course, but other students in my class did. Was I sent an email?

All enrolled students should receive an email about Inclusive Access in their official University email account (or email of record). If the email is not in a spam folder, was accidentally deleted, or has not been received by the first day of classes, please reach out to the University Store at

What if I want to pay for Inclusive Access using a credit card?

Students who wish to use a debit/credit card to pay for Inclusive Access must opt out of the program and acquire their own materials. Negotiated pricing through the Inclusive Access program may not be available directly from the publisher.

I did not opt out of Inclusive Access, but I dropped the class. Will I still be charged?

Inclusive Access materials will be charged to student accounts when they are enrolled in the class. Students who drop a class before the official drop/add date will be refunded for applicable Inclusive Access charges.

I did not opt out, but I did not register my access or use the online platform. Will I still be charged?

Yes. All students who are enrolled in a class using Inclusive Access are automatically considered part of the program. To avoid charges, students must opt out online before the official add/drop deadline.

I opted out by mistake and realized I still need my access. Can I opt back in?

The University Store recommends speaking to your instructor about required materials that may have been missed due to opting out of the Inclusive Access program. If you want to be reenrolled for a specific class, please contact the University Store directly at

I have further questions that were not addressed. Who do I contact?

Please direct any additional questions to For general inquiries about a course, please reach out to your instructor directly.