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Textbooks Quick Questions

Inclusive Access Fall 2018 Courses

What is RedShelf?
RedShelf.com is an eBook distributor. Purchasing digital textbooks through Redshelf allows users access to textbooks the same purchased.
What type of device can I use to access my digital content?
The RedShelf cloud reader is accessible on any internet enabled device that supports browsers including: laptops/desktops, tablets & smartphones.
Can I access my digital content when I don't have an internet connection?
Offline availability is based on the content creator’s restriction settings and varies from book to book.
Can I print digital content?
Printing options are available based on the content creator’s restriction settings. If printing is permitted two options are available:
  • % allowed - A print limit has been selected based on a percentage of the content’s total pages. Once the limit is reached printing will no longer be available.
  • Specific page # - The content creator may designate specific page numbers that could be printed. (ex: 5, 11, 20).
Who do I contact if I'm having trouble viewing my digital content?
Please contact help@redshelf.com regarding any technical questions, concerns or issues. Be sure to provide the specific question, issue or concern so they can assist you in the quickest possible way.