Apple One Day Sale. Nov 20th. Up to 8% off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect to save?
A reference page of our eligible devices and the savings on each device is listed at the link below.

Can I call or come in the day of the event?
Yes, however, product availability will be limited after the pre-order deadline on November 6th. If you want to ensure we will have the product you wish to purchase, please pre-order here before November 6th.

Are all Apple products included in the promotion?
No. Please see our price list catalog at the link below for included devices and the sale price that will be applied at processing on November 20th.

Do I need to pay in advance?
A credit card is required to reserve the device, but cards will not be processed until Nov. 20th at the time of the device pick up, and only for the sale amount.

Can I pick up my device before November 20th?
No. Since this sale only takes place for one day, the sale price will not be active until November 20th. All pre-orders taken before those days will be charged out and processed on November 20th. Please remember the price at time of checkout does NOT reflect the sale price. Prices will be discounted at time of processing.

Why does my cart not show the sale price?
Since the sale price will only be active November 20th, the pre-order will not show the sale price when you checkout. Don't worry though! At time of processing your order will be discounted to the price listed on our sale price catalog linked below.

Will I need my W# to place an order?
Yes. Since we are an authorized campus Apple retail store, Apple products are available exclusively to eligible University of Wyoming Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni. Additional verification for all orders placed will occur to confirm eligible status. Once affiliation with the University of Wyoming is verified, the order will be processed. All orders that do not meet eligible purchasing requirements will be cancelled. Please make sure to put your W # and APPLE1DAYSALE in the special instructions under shipping method when you checkout so we can verify your eligibility and tag your order as a part of the one-day sale.

Where can I pick up my pre-order?
After November 20th, you can visit our Apple Department in the University Store to pick up your pre-ordered device.

Who do I contact with additional questions?
You can always call the Apple Department at the University Store at 307-766-3264 or email us at with any further questions.



Apple sales prices catalog