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Remodel Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the store remodel project start and end?
Work will begin on Monday, March 3, and is scheduled for completion by the end of April. Given our intent to keep the Store open (excluding spring break week) during the remodel, work is being completed in three phases. The first phase involves work on the lower level of the Store to allow the consolidation of trade books into our textbook area. Phase 2 and phase 3 involve work on the main level of the store and are anticipated to begin the week of March 10th. Phase 2 will primarily involve work on the east half of the main level while phase 3—anticipate to begin early April) will involve work on the west half of the main level of the store.
Are there products and services that won’t be available in the store during the remodel?
As previously described, the remodel is being accomplished in three phases and as such, certain areas of the store will be sectioned off while work is being performed. However, we fully intend to keep the store open and running despite having less space to display merchandise. If you can’t find something, please let us know and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.
What is the purpose of the remodel?
The purpose of the remodel is to update the store to better serve the needs of our customers. Our last remodel was twelve years ago and there are maintenance issues needing to be addressed such as new flooring, fixtures and counters.
What will be the benefits of a new, remodeled University Store?
Our goal is to organize the store so that customers gain a better shopping experience. This will in part be accomplished by relocating our registers to the east wall of the store (click here for a visual rendering). This move will assist in better managing traffic flow during peak times of the year. Other notable benefits will include an expanded electronics area. We have also chosen to consolidate our trade book area with our textbooks in the lower area of the store. We still intend to highlight/display trade books on the main level of the store, but not to the current levels.
Why is the remodel being done at this time of the year?
Due to the upcoming time constraints of commencement and summer orientation, this timeline was most ideal. In addition, much of the disruptive work will occur during our closure the week of spring break (March 17-21) when traffic into the store has historically been slow.
Who is paying for the remodel?
The remodel is being funded by the University Store and will NOT result in higher prices. Planning and budgeting for future operational needs is a key aspect of any business, especially since flooring and fixtures are subject to wear and tear. Over the past twelve years we have been able to put a small percentage of our income into savings so that we would be able to self-fund repairs and improvements.
Are there any sustainability aspects to this remodel?
Yes. Much of the lighting in the store is being replaced with new high efficiency LED light bulbs. This new lighting will significantly reduce the electricity used by the Store in the years ahead.

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